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Let me quote an amazing elopement photographer here: “Elope – To have an intentionally intimate, authentic wedding experience where the focus of the day is actually the couple.” Thank you Maddie Mae for summing this up perfectly!

So let me elaborate a little. I feel like some people have this negative connotation on eloping. They picture running off to some cheesy place in Vegas with an Elvis officiant. What about a couple going and getting married in complete secrecy and never telling anyone until they get back? There is nothing necessarily wrong with those types of weddings, but I think an elopement can be so much more! And an elopement doesn’t even need to be a destination!

Whatever you call them, elopements, intimate weddings, micro-weddings, destination weddings, or my favorite, adventure weddings can all look like this…

  • Just two people exchanging vows on cliff overlooking Lake Michigan
  • A couple surrounded by their 10 closest friends on a beach in Mexico
  • A quick courthouse wedding followed by a city adventure
  • An intimate backyard wedding with 50 of your closest family and friends
  • A combination of an intimate ceremony with just the couple, followed by the back yard reception of their closest friends and family

To sum it up, there is no “right” way to elope. But for sure, an elopement is for the couple and not just a show for the guests. When couples choose and elopement or intimate wedding, they often find that the planning process is easier and less stressful. And the actual wedding day, ends up not only meaning more, but is actually more memorable. I’ve heard so many brides tell me that they can’t even remember their wedding day after having the “traditional wedding.”

With the ability to create an experience that is truly unique and memorable, it’s no surprise that more couples are exploring the options around elopements and adventure weddings. So why not do some more exploring on your wedding day options? Here’s your chance to plan a day that is truly your own!

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