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As a wedding photographer, I get to see so many ideas come to life at a wedding. I absolutely love it. But I also spend a lot of time online doing research and such. I get to see latest trends and ideas that haven’t quite made it to my neck of the woods yet. I see so many new things, but sometimes I see something that truly lights me on fire, and I pray one day, I’ll have a couple that tries it out. So lets take a look at a few of the things I’ve decided that I need to photograph at a wedding!

Private Last Dances

This is a trend I’ve been seeing come up a lot. A private last dance is exactly the way it sounds. At the end of the night its a time to essentially kick your guests out of the room and have a romantic dance with just the two of you. The pictures I’m seeing of this are dreamy! And for the couples, it has to be one of the sweetest moments to actually relax and just soak in the private time! A private last dance does require a little bit of logistics. If you are doing a special exit like with sparklers, you guests could head outside to prep for that while you two share this dance. OR you can even have a separate location sectioned off for this moment. I’m thinking maybe a secluded spot outside under a lit up tree maybe? There are a lot of options for this, but every photo I’ve seen has looked dreamy!

Picture from – Alter Ego Weddings

Hanging Florals or Greenery, and lots of it

Hanging florals are becoming a 2022 trend. Florals can make a wedding look super high end, and one of the prettiest things Im seeing is incorporating florals as hanging pieces as decoration! And honestly, I’m seeing more greenery pieces instead of actual flowers for this as well, which saves money. Plus you could save more money by using fake greenery. I mean, they are hanging in the air, so will anyone even know? These photos are gorgeous, and an amazing way to spruce up a plain wedding tent!

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography | More Hanging Florals on Brides.com

Dogs at the Reception!

Yeah I’m a dog person so this is right up my ally. We’ve seen the dog as a flower dog, or ring bearer, or just walking down the aisle. It’s adorable, and I’m here for it, but it’s not new. But what about bringing your dog for the whole day? Yes this depends on your wedding venue and such, but your dog is a part of the family, so why not let them spend the entire day with you. I could see some super sweet photo opportunities of you just married with your pup.

Getting Ready together

Now don’t get mad, but a lot of the “traditional” wedding things are starting to be tested. So this may not be for everyone. Typically couples get ready in separate areas and then see each other during a first look or at the alter. But what if you scrapped that idea and got ready together? The photos I’ve seen of this are so intimate and beautiful. I can only imagine how it feels to have your future husband, your best friend, right there zipping up the back of your wedding dress and helping you look perfect. It’s such an amazing way to bond, especially if it’s only the two of you getting ready together! This is definitely a newer trend I’m starting to see and I’m here for it!

Clear Tents

Outdoor weddings and receptions are more and more popular! Which I adore! A lot of times this can mean a reception that is held either under an open air tent, (no sides or a roof that can be removed) or one of those big solid white tents. But a new thing I’m seeing is the use of clear tents! I love this idea! You get the look of a wide open space, but still have the protection from the rain. And we get natural light for gorgeous photos. These also have a higher end look and feel. Plus you can really elevate it by adding in that hanging greenery that I talked about. These give such a natural vibe in photos.

Image by Kristin Moore Photo | More tent ideas on Brides.com

These are things I’ve never gotten to photograph yet, but every time I see them on Instagram or TikTok, I stop my scrolling. So if you want to incorporate any of these ideas into your wedding, then I need to see it! What about you? Are there any unique wedding ideas that you incorporated at your wedding or are planning to incorporate? Tell me!

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