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North Bay Shore County Park | Oconto, WI

I’m not going to lie, I go into every shoot with the vision of everything happening perfectly. And or course it never happens that way. It’s a good thing really. It helps me grow and learn how to adapt. However, there’s enough pressure trying to capture a proposal without something happening unexpectedly.

As soon as Kyle asked me to capture the moment he planned to propose to Alyson, I began planning. This was the first time I was going to shoot something like this and man was I excited…but a little nervous too.

The plan was that I would contact Alyson and see if her family would be willing to model for me so I could add some more photos to my portfolio and practice a little bit. (I had just shot family photos for them earlier this year so I was hoping she wouldn’t be too suspicious.) Alyson agreed but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t completely fooled.

I continued planning and picked a local park for the shoot. Kyle and I made the plan that we would do a few spots at the park like a normal family session, then when we got to the shoreline of the lake, I would set them up for some couples shots where he could take over and do his thing! I even arranged for my second shooter to show up to make sure we could catch everything!

Jump to the day of the shoot. Things were perfect! No rain, kids were happy, and Alyson even had her sister there who also happened to know what was going to happen. We did some family photos first then moved to one of the boat docks to do a few more. Then Kyle walks past me and asks “Should I do it now!?” I was hesitant, just because we were on a dock, not by the shore. All my plans on set up and where I would stand and how I would shoot were all for the shoreline.

And that’s the part of the shoot were something happened that wasn’t part of the plan. Kyle quickly let me know that he was hoping to do this while Alyson’s sister was still there and she actually had to leave to get to work, so the time had to be now. I took a breath and… we made it happen!

I set Alyson and Kyle on the dock, stepped back and gave Alyson a command to turn around. After a smile, a yell of “I knew you were up to something”, and of course a “yes”, Alyson was set to become the future Mrs. Trudeau!

I am so grateful that Kyle reached out to me to have this all captured. I feel like I had just as many nerves as Kyle did. Ok, maybe not quite as many but still. I wanted to make sure I caught it all! And while I had to make some quick adjustments, I’m so glad Kyle made the decision for his moment. These two are amazing together, and am so excited I got to be a part of this amazing day!

Want to see more? You can check out Kyle and Aly’s Family photos from earlier this year! Check them out here!

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