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You’ve heard about elopements and destination weddings. Micro-weddings and intimate ceremonies have also been on the rise. But have you heard of adventure weddings? Adventure weddings are for the ones who crave something different!

An adventure wedding can be an elopement or it can be a 100+ person wedding in the middle of a forest. The point is, it can be whatever type of wedding you and your future husband want! Typically adventure weddings appeal to those couples who connect more with the outdoors. Sometimes the stress of planning a traditional wedding can be overwhelming so a couple will opt for a more spontaneous day doing things they love.

Adventure weddings can be extreme and include helicopter rides and jeep tours to caves, glaciers, or mountain topes. And sometimes they can be less intense and simply take place in your back yard, a family farm, or your favorite hunting land. These weddings give couples something unique and allow them to truly enjoy the entire day while giving them epic portraits and memories that will last a lifetime.

So what does an Adventure wedding look like? Well in short, whatever you can think of. However, typically this style of wedding feels more like an elopement. You and your husband find an epic location to have an intimate ceremony, then spend the day doing whatever you like. Either adventuring to find more hidden locations for more epic pictures, or maybe heading to a reception to celebrate with friends. The day can include as many or as little friends and family members as you two want. I do encourage that all dog family members be included though. However you decide to spend your day, your photographer will be there capturing it all.

As a photographer, I have fallen in love with the adventure weddings on the less extreme side. I’m not going to go scale snow-covered mountains, but I will hike to that hidden waterfall, or find that cliff overhang for your perfect ceremony spot!

Wisconsin has so many amazing spots for an adventure wedding:

  • 2 National Parks
  • 66 State Parks
  • 600 County Parks

All with amazing scenic looks. But those aren’t your only options! Your adventure wedding can take place in your own back yard if that’s what you love! At the end of the day, whether you get married in a church, a courthouse, on the family farm, or on top of a mountain, the end result is the same. You are making a vow and promise to the one you love and that is all that really matters. So, if you’re just in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, or find that your heart isn’t really into what you’ve already planned, take a look at adventure weddings. You might just get some new ideas.

Adventure Ideas to love:

  • Enchanting Forests
  • Lakeside on the Beach
  • Lush Wild Flower Fields
  • Dogs with Flowers
  • Champagne Pops
  • Epic Sunsets

What does your adventure wedding look like?

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