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It was a rainy August morning. Not exactly how you picture your wedding day starting. But when that’s what you wake up to on your wedding day, you push through and make it work. Frank and Kristin had planned a beautiful outdoor ceremony on near a pond on Kristin’s parents land. They even had canoe ready to use during their portraits!

However, upon waking up Saturday morning, it was evident this location would be officially rained out. Fortunately, Kristin’s aunt came to the rescue. Across the street from the original ceremony location is Kristin’s aunt and uncle who happen to have an old school house on their property. The school house served as a perfect last minute location to keep everyone warm and dry. Coincidentally the school house added extra charm as Kristin is actually a teacher!

While the situation may not have been ideal, friends and family packed themselves into the little room, to create the most romantic and intimate ceremony. Frank & Kristin exchanged heartfelt vows on a stage in front of all their loved ones. The love they share for one another is undeniable and it’s easy to see how much they truly care for one another. They didn’t care about the crazy morning and changed plans and a less than perfect ceremony. The only thing that mattered was that they were now husband and wife, and they loved each other.

This wedding day is the perfect reminder that your wedding day is not about the perfect location, fancy decorations, or inviting the entire town. Your wedding day is about sharing and committing your love to your new spouse. Everything else is just a bonus.

Plus, they say rain is good luck on your wedding day.


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Groom & Groomsmen Attire | I Do Bridal

Flowers | Ling’s Moment

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  1. Kathleen Boyd says:

    Best wedding I’ve been to in years! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Wayka! 😘♥️

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