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Outdoor Fall Engagement Session | Porterfield, WI

The first time I met Joe was for his and Sam’s engagement session, and he was not excited, to say the least. I’m also pretty sure he was lying to me, or maybe that “adult” drink kicked in quick, because he was a hoot!

Joe and Sam live out in the country with multiple family members near by and access to some beautiful land. So it was pretty easy to decide that that was where we would take pictures. We started the session driving around to different spots to find the areas with the best light. Sam and I caught up on our “girl-talk” and Joe quickly accepted he was going to have to have his picture taken.

We decided on the locations and started. Let me tell you, for a guy who flat out said he just wanted to get this over with, he sure didn’t act like it. Joe took direction like a champ and kept Sam and I laughing the whole session.

I’ve known Sam for a few years now. She’s a great friend and I’m so excited for her and Joe! It was so fun watching these two interact with each other. They have personalities that really just mesh well together. I’m sure Joe was not excited for engagement pictures, but I think he made the best of it simply because it would make Sam happy. That’s part of what love is, isn’t it? Doing things you may not always want to do, because it make your other half happy?

The love these two share was just emanating during the session and I love seeing Sam so happy. I wont lie, this session has been one of my favorites to shoot and produced some of my favorite images ever. Sam and Joe, I CAN NOT WAIT until your big day!

XO – Ashley

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