I opened my first business at 27 years old as a part time side hustle, and quickly fell in love with entrepreneurship. Then, just two short years later, I opened up a second business just for photography. I'm now diving into a full time career of photographing the most amazing clients, and their unforgettable moments. But there is so much more to me than my love of capturing beautiful photos...

I’m a dog-loving, wine-drinking, ice cream enthusiast, who has a passion for capturing life’s most amazing moments; giving each one a unique look while having just a sprinkle of fun. 

I'm Ashley

Do you want Starbucks? I'm probably going there before our session so I can bring you something too!

I live for simple and stress-free which is how I handle all my sessions. From weddings, and high school senior portraits, to boudoir sessions, I'll be right there to help guide, plan, and teach; giving you the easiest photography experience you can imagine.

My favorite part about my photography business? Well, besides my clients, I love new locations! I try to stay away from the popular parks and am always game for a road trip!

Dogs are welcome to ANY session. And Milo is down for all doggie play dates. (Just give me a heads up so we can make sure to have a dog friendly location)

I believe in pretty light over a pretty background. Don't be surprised if I put you in a pile of dead grass instead of a freshly cut green lawn

The secret to natural and fun photos? That would be having a photographer who can relate to you and who acts like your BFF! I'll be following you on Facebook and Instagram to keep cheering you on long after our session is done!

more than just your photographer,
Lets be friends

Some things you should know; I learned the art of sarcasm from my mom, and I know how to use it. I’m down to earth, laid back, and drama free, and if you don’t know how to laugh and have fun, we may not work well together. Fetch is life at our house, and the Chuckit! is probably one of the best inventions ever. I’m really more of a dog person, but we do have a cat, and three chinchillas. One day, I'll have a peacock too. I also have a Ben. He keeps me grounded, and from going insane. He’s also typically the one driving me crazy; just ask me about bees, or sapping, or old-man glasses. Honestly, Ben should have a Youtube Channel. (Is that even a thing anymore?) Lets be real though, I really do love him. Free time? It’s rare, but typically you’ll find me rocking on the front porch with a glass of wine (or a hard-cider), curled up on the couch watching movies or Netflix, or out exploring some local areas with Milo. 

Our Amazing pup, Milo. He's always happy, always annoying, and I cant say that he's very faithful. He would go home with anyone willing to play fetch. But he is the absolute best adventure partner!

This is my Ben, and probably one of my most favorite human beings. Life is never dull, and I firmly believe I need to start documenting the weird crap he comes up with. He really makes life fun.

The true definition of a girls best friend. Yukon was 13 years faithful through school, college, relationships, and endless adventures. We once even attempted to break a world record by stacking as many dog treats as we could on his nose - we made it to 12!

A little reason behind the me

At Home

"Hakuna Matata"

...it means no worries


I'm really not known for having a sweet tooth, but ice cream is my weakness. In fact, a chocolate chip cookie dough flurry with chocolate ice cream from Belt's Soft Serve in Stevens Point, is where it's at.


The Lion King has to be the best Disney movie ever. I will fight you on this if you disagree, all the while belting out "The Circle of Life" at the top of my lungs.


It's hard work being a bomb-ass, lady boss. So I REALLY treasure those times I get to recharge with a nap, which typically happens when I should most definitely be doing something else.


I'm a state licensed esthetician. I'll rub your face, give you great brows and lashes, and make you practically hairless all in one appointment!


I'm slightly obsessed with candles. My mom used to light candles around the house after she'd force me to help deep clean it. So now whenever I light a candle, it makes me feel like my house is spotless...even when it's not.


I can not begin to tell you the number of ideas that have run through my head on how I could acquire a penguin. I should have worked at a zoo.


I love my step dads tuna casserole just a little too much. When he makes it for me, I binge for a week and it becomes my breakfast, lunch, and sometimes dinner, until it's gone. I'm just slightly obsessed.


People are always asking me what I'm currently watching. (think Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc.) Well, Ben and I watch a lot of sci-fi and fantasy stuff. I'm talking, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Shadow and Bone, etc. But I'll throw in some other stuff like Grey's or Handmaids Tale as well.


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