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Copper Culture Park, Oconto, WI

I was pretty excited, when I got asked to take maternity photos for some good friends of mine. Ashleigh and Derek already have one spunky little boy, and are now expecting baby number two, so we did some common maternity photos, along with attempts at some family photos. I chose Copper Culture park, which has an array of awesome areas to shoot in. The weather turned out perfect and the location was awesome, but aside from that, the shoot definitely did not go the way we imagined.

Ashleigh and Derek spent the day with Gus at a water park before heading to our portrait location. This worked out well, at first, because Gus fell asleep on the ride and was passed out when they got there, so Ash and Derek were able to get in some couples shots without worrying about watching a toddler.

We also had a interesting run in with lost woman at the park. Without getting into details, she was slightly hysterical and had a sketchy story. We ended up calling the police to give her a hand.

Anyways, then the fun happened – Gus woke up. So I’ve met Gus loads of times before and he’s always in a good mood. Also Ashleigh happens to be a photographer too, so Gus is extremely used to being in front of a camera. None of that mattered this time.

Gus was a typical child waking up from a nap. Not in the best mood, but we were hopeful he would snap out of it…he didn’t. I’m pretty sure after a big day of waterpark fun, he just wanted to go home and have dinner. I mean I would! It made for quite the challenge. I was able to capture some happy pictures of Gus, sporadically between all his other screaming ones. But let me tell you, kid pictures when they are mad, just crack me up! So I was pretty much laughing most of the session and then again while editing. It makes me realize we are all human, and kids have good and bad days just like the rest of us.

All in all I was super happy with how these all turned out! (Also my first maternity pictures!) Enjoy, and hopefully you get a little laugh out of couple too!

~ Ashley Jade

And the fun begins!

This one here is one of my favorites! It just cracks me up.

Gus was finally happy that he got to go back to daddy’s truck.

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