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Engagement photos are one of the first decisions a couple decides on and sometimes couples are often wondering “Do we need them?” The answer is definitely YES! Engagement photos are super important and here are my top reasons why:

1. Get to Know Your Photographer — You’re going to be with your photographer maybe even more than you are with your new spouse on your wedding day. Don’t you want to make sure you actually like them? It’s so important that you trust and feel comfortable around your photographer, so an engagement session gives you the opportunity to really meet and hang out.

2. Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera — Are you one of those people who gets super awkward and stiff when getting a photo taken? Super cool if you’re not, but honestly, being in front of a camera is super scary for some people. You’re engagement session gives you time in front of the camera. You’ll find out it’s actually more comfortable and natural than you probably thought! This also leads me into my next point…

3. It’s Basically a Trial Run — Your engagement session is actually prepping you for your wedding day! You and your photographer will really be learning from each other. You will learn your photographers workflow and core poses. In turn, your photographer will learn which poses work best for you and your future spouse! After the session you can even give your photographer feedback if there were angles or poses you just didn’t like. BONUS – use your engagement session as a trial for your wedding day makeup or hair!

4. You Need to Celebrate — Being engaged is exciting! It’s a happy time as you transition from a dating couple to a married couple, and honestly it’s going to go fast. Engagement photos are a way to capture these memories and celebrate the upcoming chapters of your life.

5. Make it Date Night — Engagement photos are a way to take a break from everything and just enjoy each other. Toss out all your other daily distractions, or wedding planning, and just focus on each other. Make your engagement session a part of your day date or take a weekend away. Maybe you want to incorporate your favorite activities into your session to make it even more fun. Hello? Can you say “adventure session?” My best advice is to take this day and make it about just the two of you.

6. You’ll Use These Photos — Your engagement photos may be the only professional photos you have, which means you can use them for a lot of stuff! You can use them for all your wedding planning like save the dates, thank you’s, wedding website, a guest book, etc. Outside of wedding things, you will have professional photos of you and your future spouse of you two just looking “nice.” Photos that can be used for other things since they aren’t tied to a specific event.

I am such a believer in the importance of engagement photos and how they effect your wedding day that I include engagement photos in my wedding packages! I love this time with my couples and want every couple to have this opportunity!

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