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WHOOP WHOOP!! You booked your senior photos, now what are you going to wear? Some teens have no problem picking out their most comfortable clothes, while others have the hardest time making a decision. But honestly, what you choose could make or break your experience! Yes, that sounds dramatic, but think about it; If you wear something you aren’t’ comfortable in, something that is unflattering, or something you just don’t feel confident about, it can ruin your experience. Emotions are powerful, and the things you feel during your shoot will often determine how you feel about your final images.

So lets talk about outfits! If your an #ashleyjadesenior, you’ll get all this information in your style guide after booking, plus all my other tips and tricks to prep and plan for your adventure senior session! But for anyone else just looking for a little bit of guidance, here are some of my best tips on choosing what to wear!

1 – Be Comfortable

Pick something you enjoy moving in. (If your adventure session includes a hike, make sure you have clothes you can walk in or change into.) But for your photos, you want to feel comfortable. So if you don’t like tight fitted clothes, avoid them. Rule of thumb, if you put it on and constantly fidget with the item or are thinking about how it looks, it may not be the best idea.

2 – Choose Color

On camera, solid black, or solid white, can make your skin look washed out, dull, and unflattering. My best suggestion is to choose colors that pop! Primary colors like reds, blues, and yellow’s, photograph beautifully. Jewel tones like emerald greens, deep purples, and pink are also stunning! If bold colors aren’t your thing, then opt for neutrals or muted colors like cream, caramel, taupe, light gray, soft pink, or blue.

3 – Choose a Variety

When choosing outfits, give yourself some variety. A great rule of thumb is to choose three categories: casual, cozy, dressy, school-related, sports-related, preppy, edgy, etc. Choose just 2-3 categories and create an outfit that coresponds with each category.

Still tripped up? Try choosing one casual outfit, one fancy outfit, and one unique outfit. Choosing a from different categories, like the ones mentioned, will give you a variety of looks for your senior session!

4 – Add to your outfit

After all your main pieces are chosen, you can add dimension and interest to your photos! Add layers or textures by adding vests, scarfs, sequins, furs, etc. Anything that adds a layer or texture will give your images some extra depth.

Accessories and jewelry are also great additions to your outfits! Bangles, long necklaces, rings, earring, scarves, and hats give more visual interest and give us additional poses to try!

PRO TIP – Organize your jewelry and accessories with zip lock bags. Use one bag for each outfit! This way, when you change outfits, just grab the corresponding zip lock bag that has the accessories for that look!

5 – Don’t forget your shoes

Complete your final outfit with your shoes, but shoes carefully as well! You want shoes that are comfortable as you will need to stand, walk move around for your photos. But don’t be completely discouraged, you can always slip on a pair of flats or flip flops to move from location to location if needed.

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